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Setting up Chatbox to SMS on Wordpress

You can easily drop in the Chatbox to SMS code snippet onto your Wordpress site. Depending on how your Wordpress has been set up and what theme you’re using some of the file names might be slightly different, so be sure to consult with those that manage your Wordpress site if necessary.

If you’re using additional script managers for your site, there might other places where additional scripts like this are managed.

Here are the basic instructions that get Chatbox to SMS code snippet onto your Wordpress site:

1. Log in to wp-admin

2. Go to Appearance > Theme Editor

Open Theme Header (header.php) and add then add the "<script>…</script>" code snippet as a new line above the "</head>" tag:

Depending what other services you use, you might have other scripts in there like Google Analytics. The order of which scripts load first doesn’t really matter.