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The following updates are now live in the web portal, as of June 24, 2021

Single Sign-on (SSO)

This feature is available upon request by contacting

Single sign-on allows an organisation to have greater control over security by forcing each user of the web portal to sign in using a nominated identity provider (IdP). This initial iteration of the SSO feature supports only Azure AD; however, future releases will see this support expand to Okta as an additional IdP.

Once the feature has been enabled on your account, you will be able to configure a domain to which SSO will apply - i.e. anyone trying to log in to the web portal using an email address under a specific domain (e.g. "@[company].com") will be forced to authenticate using your IdP.

You will also be able to configure the system to automatically create a new user profile for anyone who tries to successfully log in using SSO but isn't currently set up as a user in the web portal. In addition to this, you can set a default role for these new users, as well as targeted access to specific accounts.

New integration - ActiveCampaign

Customers can now integrate their MessageMedia account with ActiveCampaign. This new ActiveCampaign app allows them to add a ‘Send SMS’ action to any ActiveCampaign automation.

The app can be connected with MessageMedia accounts on a paid subscription.

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