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Using "Shopify Flow" to send SMS messages

Shopify Flow is a new app from Shopify that allows you to create workflows to trigger actions based on conditions being met. This means that you can send SMS messages to customers who meet certain criteria throughout their experience with your store.

Accessing Shopify Flow

Go to the App store in Shopify where you search for the Shopify Flow app.

Once you have installed the app, it will appear in your Installed Apps list. Click on the item to open it:

Adding SMS to a workflow

Once you are in the Shopify Flow app, you can start creating workflows. In this example, we will build a workflow to send an SMS to any customer who places an order, one hour after the order is placed.

1. Open the Shopify Flow app, and select "Create Workflow":

2. Create your trigger by clicking on Add Trigger and selecting from the resulting menu on the right. Since we want to send messages to customers who place an order, we will select Order Created:

3. You need to add a condition that will, when met, trigger your SMS. Click on Add trigger: 

4. Select from the resulting menu on the right. In this example, we will choose "Confirmed" because we want he action to be triggered as a result of the order being confirmed:

5. We next need to configure the condition - in this case, since we want to trigger an action when the order is confirmed, we shall select "True" as the required condition for the chosen parameter:

 6. Next, we need to set the action, which in this case is to send an SMS to the customer who has placed the order. Do this by clicking on Add action in the positive branch of the condition (i.e. add an action that will trigger if the condition is met):

7. Scroll down the menu on the right and select SMS Marketing Automation, and then from the sub-menu, click on Send Customer SMS:

8. Next, we need to enable the app to search for the Customer ID associated with each order that will trigger this workflow, so that the SMS is sent to the relevant customer who placed the order. To do this, click on Add Template Variable under the Customer ID field:

From the resulting list, scroll down and select Customer ID from the list:

9. Next write your message and set a delay (if required). In this example, we want to send the message 1 hour after the order has been confirmed - so in the SMS Delay field, we should enter "1 hour":

Setting SMS Delays

To set a delay, you should enter the numeric value (1, 2, 3 etc.) followed by the unit variable (e.g. "hours", "minutes", "days" etc.)

So to set a delay of one week, just enter "1 week" in the delay field.

10. Toggle the activation switch to "On" to activate your workflow, and then click Save:

If you have not yet named your workflow, you will be asked to do so:

Your workflow is now active, and when a customer confirms an order, they will receive your message one hour later.