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The following updates are now live in the web portal, as of April 1, 2021

Shared Templates

It is now possible to share templates between a parent account and sub-accounts, similar to sharing contacts. Shared templates are read-only to the accounts to which they are shared, and cannot be edited except by the account which created them.

To share a Template with one or more sub-accounts, go to Messaging, then Templates, and click on the three dots next to the template you wish to share, where you can then select Manage sharing:

Select the sub-account(s) with which you want to share the template and click Share:

In the sub-account, shared templates are denoted by the "shared" icon:

Note that shared templates do not have the three dots next to them, as they cannot be edited by the sub-account.

Reporting availability for up to five levels of sub-account

To support the new multi-tiered account structure, it is now possible to run reports on all sub-accounts from the parent account (or all accounts below the sub-account which created them):

Configurability of low balance notifications on prepaid sub-accounts

Administrators of pre-paid sub-accounts can now configure the low balance notification from the Account Settings section in the web portal. The configuration allows admins to set a dollar-value threshold, as well as both a primary and secondary email to which the notification is to be sent:

"Chatbox to SMS" early access request/registration of interest

"Chatbox to SMS" is a new initiative from MessageMedia coming later this year. It's basically a widget that you place on your website that allows your customers to interact with your business via SMS so that sales or support conversations can be moved to their mobile phone. This relieves the customer from having to stay by their computer in order to engage with your sales or support teams via a chat portal.

You will soon see the "SMS chat widget" option appear in the main menu in the web portal, which will take you to the above page where you can click "Request early access". This will trigger a process that will allow you to enable a "beta" version of the widget on your website and start testing it out.

What you need in order to enable the Chatbox to SMS widget

In order to utilise Chatbox to SMS, you will need a dedicated number set up on your account that is not currently being used for any automated interactions. If you do not have a dedicated number, you can still request early access and we will help you get one set up in order to start using Chatbox to SMS.