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Linking your MessageMedia account and sending messages from Active Campaign workflows

To link your MessageMedia account to ActiveCampaign and add SMS to a workflow, follow these steps:

1. In Active Campaign, go to the ‘Automations’ area

2. Click ‘Create an automation’

3. Select ‘Start from scratch’ and click the ‘Continue’ button

4. Add a relevant trigger (e.g. when a customer subscribes to a list) and click Continue

5. Configure your trigger as required and click "Add Start"

6. You will then be prompted to add an action. On the ‘Add a New Action’ screen select ‘CX Apps’ and choose ‘Send SMS via MessageMedia’ from the list

7. To connect your account you will need to create a Basic Auth API Key (follow these steps to create an API key)

8. Copy your API Key and API secret over to the appropriate fields in ActiveCampaign

9. If you have multiple accounts with MessageMedia, select the account you wish to connect

10. If you have any dedicated numbers on your MessageMedia account, you can select them from the drop-down list

11. Write your message and click Finish when you are done

12. Then to make your Automation active, click the ‘Active’ button on the top right of the Automations page

Viewing conversations in the contact record

You can view SMS conversation history at a contact level by going to Contacts in the left hand menu and selecting the relevant contact from the contact list:

SMS messages (sent and received) will be visible in the activity window on the right of the contact card:

Sent SMS messages show the sender ID, date and time of sending:

Received SMS messages show the number of the mobile from which the message was sent, as well as the date and time of receipt:

Note: You cannot send SMS messages via comments on SMS activity. To manage SMS conversations, go to the MessageMedia web portal and use the live inbox.

To learn how to connect your MessageMedia account to view replies in Active Campaign, read this article