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How to create and manage message templates in Netsuite

You can create message templates to help you when it comes to sending messages, building workflows, or just maintaining consistency with your messaging.

In this example, we are going to create a template to send out to contacts in order to confirm some details in their records. We will use data fields such as first name, as well as a couple of other fields from the customer record to apply to our template:

"Hi {Firstname}. Please can you confirm that you are still with {company} and that your billing address is still {Address}? Many thanks."

1. Start by going to MessageMedia, then Templates, and then New Template:

2. Choose the record type. This is basically telling the system which type of record we want to draw from - which in this case is the contact record because we want to use contact-specific information:

3. Next, name your template and then start to type your message in the template field. At any point that you need to include a data field (e.g. the contact's name), select that field from the Fields menu, and it will appear in the message:

4. Once you have completed your template, click Save:

Adding Custom Fields to use in templates

Below are the steps to add custom fields for templates as well as the quick add fields while sending SMS: 

1. Go to Customization > Lists, Records & Fields > Record Types


2. Scroll down the list and select MessageMedia Metadata

3. Hover over More and select View Records from the options that appear

4. From the list, click Edit next to the record type to which you wish to add custom fields

5. In the field list text box, add additional fields in the format "Unique ID":"Label" (for each record, first value is the unique ID while the second value after “:” is the label) 

Fields are separated by commas. You can add multiple fields like this:

Once you are done adding fields, click Save

Managing Templates

To see a list of your templates, go to MessageMedia > Template > List Templates

From the Templates list, click Edit next to the template to which you wish to make any changes or delete:

To delete a template, just click on the Delete button once you've opened the template for editing