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How do I add images to my forms?

Read this article for full instructions on creating and designing forms in the SMS Marketing Automation App.

The form designer allows you to add three types of images to your forms:

1. Feature Image

2. Hero Image

3. Mobile Background Image

Adding images to your Form

Open the form builder in the SMS Marketing Automation App, and click on the Design Tab to access the Design editor, and complete the steps to add images:


1. Select a feature image to appear at the top of the form by clicking on the "Add Image" button and selecting a file from your device (optimal size for feature images is 100px high by 500px wide):


2. Optional - Choose a "Hero" image - this is a vertical image that will appear up the side of your form (optional size for hero image is 900px high by 600px wide):

4. Optional - choose a mobile background image. This is an image that will form the background of your form if someone is viewing it on a mobile (optional size for mobile background image is 900px high by 600px wide):

When adding a mobile background image, you should pay special attention to the way the image interacts with the colour of the text in the form. You may want to adjust the brightness and contrast of the image or you can adjust the text colour so that text stands out more clearly.