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Where do my inbound messages go?

Inbound messages can be accessed in a number of locations within the web portal

  1. Dashboard
    • The account dashboard provides a table of the most recent inbound messages so you are immediately aware of any new messages that need to be actioned
    • A direct link to the inbox is also located in the table header
  2. Inbox
    • Accessible via Messages > Inbox or linked from the dashboard
    • The inbox provides a list of all messages received in the last 30 days
    • Clicking on a message displays a conversational view of the messages to and from the recipient
    • A compose message text area allows you to respond to inbound messages directly from the inbox
    • Learn more about the inbox here
  3. Detailed Reports
    • Accessible via Reports > Detailed Reports
    • Scroll towards the bottom of the page to see an inbound log table
    • You can filter the outbound and inbound table by a specific number to see all messages to and from a recipient within a specific date range
    • Learn more about detailed reports here