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How do I stop my email signature or disclaimer being sent in my messages when sending via email to SMS?

You have a number of ways to limit the amount of data you send in an "Email to SMS" message.

1. Set a message limit
This is the number of message parts before we truncate the message content
  • 1 = 160 characters
  • 2 = 306 characters
  • 3 = 459 characters (blocks of 153 characters for multipart messages)

2. SMS end tags

SMS end tags are a cleaner way to truncate your Email to SMS message where you can set the cut-off point. You can view SMS end tags by going to Configuration and then Email to SMS.

Default end tags are
  • {end sms}
  • {end}

You can create your own custom tags by clicking Edit:

In the text area, type your custom tag:

For example, if you end your emails with "Regards, Steve Rogers" you could use the keyword "Rogers" so your message will end with "Regards, Steve".

Note that neither the keyword nor any subsequent characters will be submitted in the message content: