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How do I tidy up my account structure?

If you have recently been upgraded from the old MessageMedia "Manager" platform and had multiple user accounts, you now have multiple sub-accounts in he new web portal. Some of these accounts may not have sent messages in the recent past. We encourage you to report on your usage and deactivate any accounts you no longer require.

You may have old users that can be put into different categories based on the product used:
  • API user - typically set up for API credentials 
    • Do not deactivate if this account is still active and sending
    • Deactivate any dormant API accounts that are no longer required
Tip: Multiple REST API keys can be created within a sub-account

  • Email to SMS user - set up to send SMS from an email client
    • Previously you had to create a separate user for each email address registration
      • Deactivate dormant sub-accounts
    • Now you can register multiple email addresses against a sub-account.
      • Create one sub-account for Email to SMS registrations OR
      • Create multiple sub-accounts based on work functions or departments
Tip: Register your company email domain against a sub-account to enable all your employees to harness the benefit of SMS communications. Any individual sending via that domain will automatically have their email address registered against the account

  • Web user- set up to allow users login to the web UI
    • Shared credential accounts
      • Identify any sub-accounts that have a generic or shared email address
      • Invite individual users to access the account(s) using their own email addresses
      • Remove the shared email user
    • Consolidating sub-accounts
      • Some of your users may benefit from sharing an inbox and contacts. Identify these users
      • Create or repurpose an existing sub-account
      • Invite the users to this sub-account
      • Deactivate the individual sub-accounts that may no longer be required