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Using Pre-configured workflows with SMS

The MessageMedia NetSuite Text Message Bundle is installed with pre-configured workflows that can be released and activated for use. In the example below, we shall edit a pre-configured workflow that sends an SMS alert to a support employee when a new support case is assigned to them.

Go to Customization in the toolbar, then Workflow, then Workflows (even though another sub-level menu will appear, still click on Workflows to access the list of pre-configured flows):

From the resulting list, select MessageMedia Case Assignment Alert. NOTE - the Release status of the workflow must be "Released":

You will then be taken to the Workflow builder.

Click Edit in the top right:

Click on the "State" (in this case, the state is named "Case Create Job Record"):

In the resulting window, under the actions tab, click on Create Record to edit the action:


In the resulting window, click in the Selection field next to SMS Template, and select the required template (read this article for instructions on how to create message templates in Netsuite):

Save the workflow action.

Make sure the workflow is active by changing the status to “Released” by clicking on the edit icon in the workflow editor:

Select Released from the Released Status dropdown menu:

Click Save to save the workflow

Your MessageMedia Case Assignment Alert workflow is ready to be used.