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Setting up workflows and using pre-configured workflow templates

Workflows can be created to interact with Customers, Contacts and Employees, and the workflow types that enable these interaction can include either Case, Opportunity, or Custom workflows.

First, ensure that the Customer, Contact, & Employee records all have the workflow checkbox enabled - this ensures all available records are compatible with workflows.:

1. Open the customer record

2. Click Edit next to each contact name

3. Select Custom from the Menu in the contact window

4. Check the "Send Workflow SMS" box

Next, create separate API credentials in the MessageMedia Web Portal. Do this by logging into to your MessageMedia account, going to Configuration in the left hand menu, and then selecting 

API settings, followed by Create new key:

Name your API key and click Create Key

You will then be presented with the details of your new API key and the API secret. Click Copy to clipboard and save these details in a safe place (e.g. your desktop notepad):

To attach your workflow credentials in Netsuite, take the following steps:

1. In the Netsuite interface, click MessageMedia in the toolbar at the top of your screen in NetSuite, then go to Preferences and API Credentials 

2. Click New

3. For "Credential Type" choose Workflow

4. Put your Rest key and Secret in the username and password fields

5. Click Save


After setting up your credentials, you can create a new workflow with SMS, or configure a pre-created workflow that we have provided to you upon install. To learn more about this process, read this article.

Setting up templated message content for your workflow

Go to Message Media → Template → List Templates. 

Look for a template called Case Assignment Template - by clicking Edit you can adjust the content for your business preference such as requesting delivery reports, including the company name or create your own template:


Check the delivery report in the template if you want to receive a delivery report for the sent SMS: