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Web Portal Upgrade FAQs

If you’re here, it means you may have some questions about the MessageMedia web portal upgrade from the "Manager" platform, so watch our webinar and have a read through below FAQs for important and useful information about the upgrade and how it affects you.

If you still have questions after watching the webinar and reading through these FAQs, you can contact us at

General questions about the upgrade

“Why are you doing this?”

As our customers grow, so too does the need for improved and easily maintainable technology. The new platform will be built on more reliable, easily serviceable, and scalable architecture, which means we will be able to deliver a better experience to all of our users – just like you.

“What do you need from me?”

All you need to do is keep an eye out for emails from us containing important information about the upgrade. The upgrade itself will happen automatically – there is no manual activation required from you.

“What about all of my saved contacts, messages and templates?”

All of your saved contacts, messages, templates and settings will automatically be carried over to the new platform and will be there waiting for you in the new portal when you log in. Even your Username and Password will be the same. 

Payment & Billing

"Is there a difference in cost between the Manager portal and the new portal?"

No - the rates are no different between the old Manager portal and the new platform.

"Will my billing cycle be interrupted by the upgrade?"

No - the upgrade should be a seamless transition and have no impact on your current billing cycle.

Sending Messages

"Do my contact databases need to be in a specific order when importing? (e.g. mobile number in the first column, etc.)"

The new portal does not require your contact databases to be arranges in any specific order, and the system will look for the mobile number column automatically when importing contact data into either the message recipient field or your address book.

"How do Opt-outs work in the new portal?"

When a contact replies with an opt-out keyword, they are automatically unsubscribed (but not deleted) from receiving future messages until you manually re-subscribe them. Opt-out messages will automatically move the conversation to the "closed" section of the inbox. You can customise your opt-out keywords in the Account Settings section of the new web portal. Read this article for more information.

"How do I export my unsubscribed lists from the new portal?"

Go to Contacts, and then All Contacts. In the status filter at the top of the contact list, select "Unsubscribed". This will show you a list of only unsubscribed contacts. From there, click on Export contacts in the top right and the contact data will be prepared for download. Once ready, you will be presented with a link to download your exported data.

"How do I edit scheduled messages in the new portal?"

You can view your scheduled messages by going to Messaging and then Scheduled. If you click on the ellipsis on the right, you will be presented with an option to "Pause & Edit" your scheduled message. You can edit all the parameters of the message, including content, recipient details, scheduling details, and the message name. When you have made all the required changes, click Save & Resume in the bottom right of the screen.

"Are scheduled messages grouped by broadcast?"

Yes, they are. If you set up a series of scheduled broadcasts (e.g. one at 10am, another at 10:30am and another at 11am) and you need to cancel one of those broadcasts, go to Messaging and then Scheduled. You will see each broadcast listed a a separate item. Click on the ellipses (three dots) to the right of the required broadcast and select the action from the dropdown list (in this case, the action would be Delete).

"Do phone numbers need to be in a specific format?"

Numbers should ideally be entered in full international format (e.g. +61400000000); however if your account location matches the country of the numbers you are sending to, you can enter them in local format (e.g. 040000000 if your account location is set to Australia) and the platform will accept them.

"What are the character limits in the new portal?"

This article explains character limits in the new web portal, as well as the impact of unicode on your character counts in your messages. If you are setting up an Alpha Tag (business name) to use as your sender ID, the character limit is 11.

“What if I’m using an API? Will I have to reconfigure everything?”

If you are sending SMS messages exclusively via the API or Email to SMS, then there should be no change to your current experience as a result of the upgrade.

Account Settings

"Can we have multiple signatures in the new web portal?"

Signatures are created using the Templates feature, and you can create as many templates (and therefore signatures) as you like. Read this article for more information.

"What are the changes to the account structures in the new web portal?"

You can read this article to learn more about the relationship between parent accounts and sub-accounts, as well as get a visual of the various ways accounts can be structured in the new web portal.


"Can I still export replies received?"

Yes, you can, via email (you will be asked to enter an email address to which the export will be sent). Read this article for more information.

Still got questions about the upgrade to the new portal? You can contact us at