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The features below are included in the October product update, deployed on 29 October, 2020.

Email capability for Sub-Account Usage report

It is now possible to export the Sub-Account Usage report data via email. Just go to Reports and then Sub Account Usage, configure your report filters and then click Run Report. Once your data is displayed, click on the Email report button in the top right:

Sub Account Usage and User Usage reports added to the Report Scheduling function

It is now possible to schedule both Sub-Account Usage reports and User Usage reports from the report scheduling function. Just go to Reports and then Detailed Reports and click on the Schedule report button. In the resulting modal you will see an option called Report type. Clicking on this will unfurl the reports menu which now includes Sub Account Usage and User Usage report items:

Custom CSV columns selection for emailed reports

When emailing a detailed report, it is now possible to select which specific data columns are included and excluded from the CSV report that gets sent via email. Simply go to Reports and then Detailed reports and configure your reporting filters before clicking on Email report:


In the resulting modal, click on the Advanced option and then select your required data columns from the resulting list: