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Creating a New Customer Automation

It's good practise to communicate with your new customers early in their journey, as it creates positive engagement and builds trust, familiarity and loyalty.

When a new customer is created in your store, you can assign various tags to their profile to assist with managing the customer experience and communications:

How to create a New Customer automation

1. Click on Apps

2. Once you have selected and opened the SMS Marketing Automation app, click on New Customer SMS

3. Click Add new customer SMS

4. Give your automation a name

5. If you are in a region or country that requires double opt-in confirmation, tick the box (see double opt-in confirmation later in this article)

6. Choose the customer tag which should indicate that the customer should receive this SMS

7. Write your message

8. Either save your automation as a draft, or click Publish to activate it

Double Opt-In Confirmation

Some regions or countries require double confirmation of the customer's willingness to receive messages from you (if you are unsure if this applies to you, check your local legislation around SMS marketing). 

To create a double opt-in confirmation, tick the box as shown and make any changes to the tags, keywords and message you require:

Now, instead of one welcome message going out to new customers with a specific tag, two messages can go out. The first asks the recipient to confirm their opt-in with a keyword response. If the keyword response doesn’t occur, the customer will be tagged with whatever the user chooses to identify them as a "non-opted-in" customer. If the recipient does confirm with a keyword response, the second message will go out welcoming them.