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How to send bulk SMS campaigns in HubSpot

There is a simple process for sending SMS campaigns to multiple contacts in your address book.

1. Begin by creating a Contact based campaign:

2. Set your enrolment trigger as List Memberships:

3. Choose the list of contacts to which you want to send your message, apply the filter, and click Save:

4. Click on the "+" icon to add an action, and select the SMS for HubSpot action from the slide-out menu:

5. Choose your Sender ID. Select your Sender ID. The Account Default is the default sender ID you have set up on your account in the MessageMedia web portal (To learn more about sender IDs in the web portal, read this article). The options here will reflect the sender IDs you have available to you on your MessageMedia account (e.g. Dedicated numbers, Alpha Tags etc.) Please note that if you are using the "Account Default" setting, any changes you make to your default sender ID in the MessageMedia web portal will be reflected in this workflow. 

6. Write and configure your message, and then click Save:

6. Review your workflow, and be sure to select "Yes, enroll existing contacts who meet the criteria as of now" before turning on the workflow:

If you want to send a bulk message to anyone who become members of your nominated contact list after turning the workflow on, then you should leave this selection as "No, only enroll contacts who met the trigger criteria after turning the workflow on".