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The features below are included in the October product update, deployed on 1 October, 2020.

"Basic" User role

Administrators now have the ability to create "Basic" user roles. As a result, the standard user role has been renamed "Advanced" User:

A Basic User's permissions are restricted to the following:

Basic users do not have access to the following features available to Advanced users:

If you have restricted templates enabled on your account, Basic users will only be able to send messages using those templates and will not be able to write their own content. To learn more about restricted templates, contact

Improved Detailed reporting

The chart on the Detailed Reporting page has now been split into three smaller charts, showing outbound message volume, outbound message parts (billing units), and inbound/received message volume, over a configurable date range:

Additionally, when sending campaigns using an uploaded spreadsheet, the additional columns in your spreadsheet will be included as additional metadata keys that can later be used for reporting:

Additional information in the Sub-Account list

When viewing the list of existing sub-accounts under the Admin login (by going to Account, and then Sub Accounts), you will now be presented with additional information in the Sub-Account list as follows:

You can also login to each account directly from the list by clicking on the newly created Login link

Delivery Receipt settings

Administrators can now set the default behaviour for managing delivery receipts via the account Settings page. This means that users no longer have or need the option to request delivery receipts from the new message page when sending messages.