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How to set up SMS alerts for Deals

When working on a deal you may need to ensure all associates are notified whenever certain actions occur relating to that deal. The below instructions show you how to set up these SMS alerts - although please note that when activated, the SMS alerts will be sent to ALL contacts associated with the deal.

1. Start by going to the Workflow menu and clicking on New Workflow, and then selecting a Deal-based workflow from the menu

2. Set any Deal-based action as the enrollment trigger

3. Select the required options to configure your enrollment trigger and click Save (example shows the deal stage "contract sent" as the trigger)

4. Click on the "+" icon in the workflow to add a new action, and select Send SMS from the slide-out menu

5. Configure the parameters of the SMS as follows:

  1. Phone Number - select either mobile or phone - this is the number of your recipient/s.
  2. Sender ID - The Account Default is the default sender ID you have set up on your account in the MessageMedia web portal (To learn more about sender IDs in the web portal, read this article). The options here will reflect the sender IDs you have available to you on your MessageMedia account (e.g. Dedicated numbers, Alpha Tags etc.) Please note that if you are using the "Account Default" setting, any changes you make to your default sender ID in the MessageMedia web portal will be reflected in this workflow. 
  3. Workflow Reply ID - Same as with contact workflow - If you would like to specify a specific keyword response from your recipients, use this field to title your workflow to refer to later. In another workflow that handles the inbound reply, you can refer back to this specific Workflow Reply ID as a means of specifying that the reply must be a reply to this specific workflow.
  4. Text Message - write the message your recipients will receive.
  5. The next three fields (post to contact timeline, post to company timeline, post to deal timeline) allow the you to post this SMS activity to the desired timelines.
  6. Country code - same as contact workflow. Allows the user to convert numbers into international format.
  7. Owner - same as contact workflow action. Who is the owner of this outbound SMS.

When you are happy with your configuration, click Save

This means that all contacts associated with this deal will receive an SMS notification (as per your message content in step 3 above) whenever the trigger criteria is met.