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How to set up inbound SMS notifications

When you are sending SMS messages as part of your workflows, it's important to keep on top of any responses. The following process shows how to set up notifications for inbound SMS messages

1. Start by creating a new Contact-based workflows

2. Set your trigger as "SMS for HubSpot: SMS received"

3. Set your workflow to trigger when SMS Received occurs

4. Set the ‘occurred’ date to after yesterday’s date - this way it starts today

5. Apply the filter, and save

6. Add an action and set it as ‘Send in-app notification’

7. Configure the action, so that the notification is sent to the contact owner via in-app alert, with a subject and body that explain that an SMS has been received, and from whom it was sent

8. Click "Review"

9. Ensure that Enrolment only applies to contacts who meet the trigger criteria (i.e. have sent an SMS to you)

10. Click "Edit" in the "Re-enrolment" section, and set re-enrolment to allow contacts who meet the trigger criteria to re-enrol after yesterday’s date

Now, just turn your workflow on and you'll start receiving inbound notification messages at the notification bell in HubSpot.