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How to send MMS Picture messages via the web portal

MMS is a great way to convey visual information, or to just add some extra punch to your messages to improve engagement. In order to send MMS messages, you must first have the feature enabled on your account. To do this, contact

NOTE: You must have the sender ID set to "Shared Numbers Pool" in order to send MMS messages.

To send MMS (Picture) messages in the web portal, simply start the new message process as normal by going to Messaging and then New Message, ensure your sender ID is set to "Shared Numbers Pool," and then click on the Picture Message (MMS) option in the message content box:

  1. Upload your image
    • Image files in .jpg, .png, and .gif are supported up to 410KB in size
  2. Give your message a subject
    • You can include personalised fields (e.g. first name) to your subject line
  3. Write your message

Once you are happy with the content, click Send Now in the bottom right corner of the screen.