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How to send an outbound MMS message in Netsuite

Note: MMS is currently only available when sending to the US and Australia. 

MMS is available on the conversational UI interface that exists on the customer record. In order to take advantage of this, access has to be enabled in MessageMedia preferences (do this by contacting MessageMedia support). Once enabled, an upload option will appear for users in the conversational UI pop up. 

Setting up the feature

1. In the toolbar, select MessageMedia on the righthand side, then PreferencesMessageMedia Preferences

2. Select ‘Edit’ on your preferences line item:

3. Under URLs and File IDs check ‘ENABLE MMS’ and provide the internal ID for a File Cabinet folder in the MMS Attachment Folder field where MMS images will be stored. This can be a new folder you create or an existing one

Sending an outbound MMS

1. Find the record of the contact to whom you would like to send outbound MMS and find and click the Conversational UI button at the top

2. In the conversational UI modal, select the paperclip button and choose a file to upload

3. Select your image file from the file browser. Once selected, the image will appear in the send message content for you to send to your customer

MMS File Restrictions