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How to connect inbound replies to workflows

When creating workflow triggers based on SMS reply conditions such as keywords, there's a risk that a single inbound SMS could trigger actions on multiple workflows if conditions are duplicated between workflows (e.g. if multiple workflows utilise "YES" as a keyword response to trigger an action).This is why it's important to connect replies to workflows when creating triggers.

Start by creating a workflow that sends an SMS requesting a response containing a certain keyword. We'll use an example based on customers being invited to enter a draw for tickets to a VIP event by replying "Yes" to an invite sent by SMS.

In the "Workflow Reply ID", enter a unique value (in the example below this is "KeyWord Workflow"):

Next, you will need to create a workflow based on an SMS reply trigger. When it comes to creating the trigger itself, copy the same unique identifier into the Workflow Reply ID field.

First, set the Enrollment Trigger as a Reply SMS:

Then select the condition "is equal to any of" and enter the Workflow Reply ID value:

From there it's just a matter of setting the actions that follow to complete the workflow.

You now have a workflow that requests a response, and another workflow that handles the responses specific to the first workflow. Replies to other workflows containing the sasme keyword will not trigger this new workflow, as they will not have the matching Workflow ID.