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Top 6 tips to optimise SMS workflows in HubSpot

Random number, dedicated number, or alpha tag/business name? 

By default, your messages will be sent from the default sender ID as configured in your MessageMedia account (the default is one of our randomly assigned "rotary" numbers). If you wish to build an ongoing relationship with customers, we recommend using a dedicated number to build consistency and allow customers to save to their phonebook. If you don't need replies, you could also use an alpha tag to represent your brand name (up to 11 characters). 

Using contact tokens to personalise messages

To make your messages more personal, you can use contact tokens which refer to the various data fields in your contact profiles. A perfect example of this is a first name. When you add a contact token, the message will pull in the relevant data for each recipient, whether you're sending to a single contact or multiple. It is essential to make sure that your contact data is therefore accurate and their contact information is saved in the most logical fields.

Consider your customer's first impression and an introduction SMS

The first message a customer receives will usually impact the effectiveness of your campaigns and future engagement & opt-out rates. Our customers have had success with sending an introductory message to their database. You may consider a special offer or unique update to demonstrate the value of direct, personalised text messages. To introduce customers to SMS earlier, consider adding a welcome message to your on-boarding journey for new customers. 

Send your first campaign and split test

Now your customers expect to receive an SMS from your brand, it's wise to test the waters with your first campaign. We recommend splitting your list and testing two different styles of messaging to see what resonates with your customers. You may wish to test different offers, calls to action, or even tone of voice in your message content. 

Track results with short trackable links 

Consider including a link in your message. Our gateway automatically converts URLs into 22 characters with click data analytics. You can view the results of campaigns in our web portal based on the number of clicks. Like email campaigns, this is a great way to measure engagement and help improve future campaigns. 

For more information on using short, trackable links, read this article

Managing opt-outs 

Any marketing message should include an opt-out message ("reply STOP to opt out") and when customers reply with "STOP", the MessageMedia gateway automatically adds them to an opt-out list associated with your MessageMedia account. Any future messages sent to these numbers will be blocked.