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Adding SMS to your Workflows

The MessageMedia app in HubSpot allows you to incorporate SMS into your workflow, as both outbound messages and using SMS replies to trigger actions and other workflows.

If you have not set up a workflow in HubSpot before and need guidance on how to do this, click here:

Sending a basic SMS as part of a workflow

The first thing you'll need to do is select a trigger to send your SMS. In this example, the trigger is a contact being added to a group called "Event Attendees"

To add an SMS as an action, click on the "+" icon to bring up the slide-out menu 

Scroll down to the bottom where you'll see "Send SMS"

In the SMS configuration window:

1. Select the appropriate contact token for your contact's mobile number

2. Select your Sender ID. The Account Default is the default sender ID you have set up on your account in the MessageMedia web portal (to learn more about sender IDs in the web portal, read this article). The options here will reflect the sender IDs you have available to you on your MessageMedia account (e.g. Dedicated numbers, Alpha Tags etc.) Please note that if you are using the "Account Default" setting, any changes you make to your default sender ID in the MessageMedia web portal will be reflected in this workflow. 

3. Select your workflow reply ID. This will ensure that replies to this message will only trigger actions in a specific workflow.

4. Compose your message, using contact tokens for any personalisation you wish to include, such as your contact's first names

5. Enter a country code if you are sending overseas. If left blank, this will defer to your local country.

6. Select the owner of this action. This selects the email address to which notifications relating to this action will be sent

Click Save

For some important things to remember when sending messages, read this article