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How to uninstall the HubSpot MessageMedia integration

To uninstall the HubSpot MessageMedia integration, you will need to log in to your HubSpot account, as the uninstall process is managed via the HubSpot interface

Users with Admin permissions can uninstall the MessageMedia integration in HubSpot. After disconnecting the integration in HubSpot, you'll remove the HubSpot integration package from your MessageMedia account.

Please note: it's not recommended to uninstall and reinstall the HubSpot-MessageMedia integration to fix integration issues. If you're encountering integration issues, search the HubSpot and MessageMedia Knowledge Bases or attempt to troubleshoot the issue first. If you're still unable to resolve the errors or issues, contact HubSpot Support.

Disconnecting the MessageMedia integration in HubSpot

Disconnecting the HubSpot integration from your MessageMedia account

In order to remove the HubSpot integration from your MessageMedia account, you will need to contact MessageMedia support at to request the disconnection.