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Scheduling Reports (available on "Conversations" and "Pro" subscription plans)

If your MessageMedia subscription allows, it’s possible to schedule reports in the web portal. Scheduled reports can be run for specific accounts, message statuses, and message direction (inbound/outbound).

The Report Scheduling feature can be found in the Detailed Reports section:


In the resulting modal, you can select the required parameters including the report frequency, which account(s) from which to pull the data, the message status, message direction, the timing of the report send, and the email address(s) to which the report is to be sent:

Reports are streamlined into a single file should the message direction be set as "Both sent and received"

Once a report has been scheduled it will appear in the "Scheduled Reports" list in the Scheduled Reports section of the Reports menu:

Editing scheduled reports

You can edit a scheduled report by going to the Scheduled reports screen, clicking on the three dots next to the report you wish to edit, and then clicking Edit from the menu:

This will open the configuration panel where you can make the required changes, and then click Schedule report: