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Short Trackable Links (URL shortener)

Short Trackable Links is a feature that automatically shortens any URL to just 22 characters, saving you valuable space in your SMS messages and helping you to keep costs down when sending web addresses in your messages.

To confirm if this feature is enabled on your account, please visit Account > Account Settings. Under Short trackable links, you will be able to see whether it is Enabled or Disabled.

If the feature is disabled, please contact our team at to have it enabled (you can also click on the "contact us" link that appears below the feature status).

Once this feature is enabled, then any time you add a link to your message content, you will see in the message preview that it has been shortened:

Custom Links

You can take the Short Trackable Links feature one step further by requesting a custom URL:

Example of a standard short URL:

Example of a custom short URL: 

Contact to request custom links for your account

Reporting on Link Activity

To review the interactions that recipients have had with your links, go to Reporting and then Broadcast reports, and then click on the name of the broadcast you want to review:

In the resulting dashboard, go to the bottom section and click on the arrow to scroll across until you see the "Link Clicks"Tab:

There you will see, listed by recipient, the number of times the link has been clicked:

You can export a .csv of this data by clicking on the "Export view / tab" button