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The features below are included in the May product update, deployed on 14 May, 2020.

Sender ID update

Using your own number

Purchasing a Dedicated Number via the Sender ID menu

In the "New Message" screen, you can purchase a dedicated number by clicking on the "Get a dedicated number" option in the Sender ID dropdown list:

In the resulting pop-up window:

1. Select your country

2. Scroll through the list of available numbers to choose the one you want to buy

3. Give the number a name for easy reference

4. Confirm your payment details (this will be the same as the payment method you have saved on your account)

5. Click "Activate Number"

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Send to All Contacts

Broadcast Report: Delivery status panel

The broadcast report now includes a real-time delivery status panel where customers can monitor the progress of their send.

Standard SMS Broadcast:

Mobile Landing Page (MLP) Broadcast: