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Reporting in Netsuite

To view message history and data, scroll down to the contacts window in the bottom half of the customer screen and click on "Messages"

1 - Message number (sequential with newest at the top)

2 - View (click here to view message in a pop-out window)

3 - Message date (includes time stamp)

4 - Author of the message

5 - Primary recipient of the message

6 - "Subject" refers to the type of the message - either MessageMedia SMS (outbound), or MessageMedia Reply SMS (Inbound)

7 - Type of message (current default label is "Email" however this will be amended to include "SMS" in future product updates)

8 - Files - whether or not any attachments were included with the message

9 - Internal only - whether or not the message is restricted to being able to be viewed only by internal employees

10 - Remove - click this to delete the message from the list