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Scheduling and Recurring Messages

Scheduling Messages

When creating a message, you can schedule delivery to occur on a specific date at a set time (note - depending on the size of the distribution list, the message may take time to reach every recipient).

In the SMS window, click on "Configuration":

In the Configuration window, tick the box labelled "Schedule SMS", and then use the calendar to set the date to send your message:

Next, click on the down-arrow in the "Start Time" field to select a broadcast start time:

You can either choose to save these settings for all messages by clicking on "Save Default", or apply just to this message by clicking "Send SMS"

Recurring Messages

When sending Batch SMS's, it's possible to set a message recurrence meaning that your message will automatically send at repeated, predetermined intervals. 

Once you've constructed your message, click on "Configure" to open the configuration window:

Under the "Scheduling Options" section, select the "Recurring" option, and then set the start date, start time, and the recurring interval (daily/weekly/monthly):

You must also ensure the "Is Recurring Active" box is ticked in order for the recurrence to activate:

Click "Send SMS" to trigger the broadcast.

To deactivate a recurring message, go to the MessageMedia menu option and then "Batch SMS" followed by "List Batch SMS":

In the Resulting screen, click "Edit":

Click the box labelled "Inactive" to cancel the broadcast, and then click "Save":

The recurring Batch SMS feature can be used to send messages out daily/weekly/monthly to a saved search. Each iteration of the send will use the results of the saved search at the time scheduled so if scheduling credit cards expiring reminders for the month this will pull the data at the time. Recurring Batch SMS will run the first SMS immediately and “queue” them for sending at the designated time. This can’t be stopped or edited after saving. If you want the recurring to be stopped, you can edit the batch in the batch list and make “inactive” before the next send.