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Creating Headers and Footers (Signatures) for your Messages

It is good practise to add a header and footer/signature to your messages so that your recipients know who is messaging them, as well as to provide an opt-out option with every message if required

Headers and footers can make a big difference to your messages and the engagement they create. Unbranded messages can often appear as spam, or lose their impact if the matter is of an urgent nature. If content of your message is in the context of marketing, then an opt-out option may be a legal requirement so it is a good idea to create a message footer to include this with every message.

Creating a header and footer

In the Customer screen, click on "SMS" to open the SMS window

In the SMS window, click on "Configuration", whereupon you will see the fields in which you can create your header and footer for your messages. Once you have created your header and footer, click on "Save Default":

This means that the header and footer will appear for every SMS you send. You can edit the content of your header and footer at any time.