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How to send a message to multiple contacts (Batch SMS)

You can send SMS messages to multiple contacts within an individual customer profile by using the Batch SMS function

Start by hovering over the "MessageMedia" option in the banner menu, and then go to "Batch SMS" and then "New Batch SMS":

You will then be taken to the Batch SMS page.

Begin by searching for the contacts list to which you wish to send your message. You can do this by using either a saved search or a keylink search. If you do not have either of these options set up yet, you can just click on the double down-arrows in the "Saved Search" box (note - "Saved Search" option must be highlighted first) and the "List" option should appear:

 Clicking on "List" will then bring up a full customer list, as well as a search window.

Type the name of the customer you are looking for into the search window and click "Search", and then click on the relevant customer profile to bring up the corresponding contact list:

You can use the "Select All" option if you want to send a message to every contact in the list, or you can select specific contacts by holding down the "CTRL" key (if using a PC) or "Command" key (if using a Mac) and clicking on the desired contacts.

Once you have selected the relevant contacts, follow these steps:

1) If you have a pre-saved message template you wish to use, select it from the drop down menu here. Otherwise, leave this blank.

2) If you wish to add merge fields to your message (i.e. data saved in designated fields in the contact profile - e.g. billing address or account number), then select them from the drop down menu here as you type your message.

3) Compose your message.

4) Click the "Preview SMS" button to see how your message will appear (this is especially useful when adding merge fields to your message). You can also check the character and credit count for your message here.

5) If you wish to track the delivery of your message (this vital for reporting on sent messages) then tick this box

6) When you are ready to send, click "Send SMS"

Scheduled and recurring Batch SMS

For instructions on how to schedule batch SMS sends and make a Batch SMS recurring, please read this article

SMS Credential prioritisation

When sending SMS via the API, SMS credentials are prioritised in the following order:

1. Individual credentials

2. Global credentials