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Netsuite App Overview

The MessageMedia Netsuite bundle allows you to send SMS messages to individual contacts and contact lists. Once you have installed and configured the bundle, you will notice some additional options appearing in the Netsuite customer screen:

1. SMS - this will open the "Send SMS" window to send a message to the primary customer contact

2. Conversational UI - this will open the live inbox screen, where you can see and maintain a real-time SMS conversation with the primary customer contact

3. MessageMedia Menu Option - this will unfurl additional options and functions as follows:

  1. MessageMedia Overview
  2. Batch SMS - send and SMS to multiple contacts, and view previous batch SMS messages
  3. Template - create and view message templates
  4. Preferences:
    • 5) MessageMedia API Credentials - create new or search for existing API configurations
    • 6) MessageMedia Preferences - add or view preferences for the MessageMedia bundle (e.g. preferred defaults for contact data fields)
    • 7) MessageMedia Webhook Config - create or view configuration settings for webhooks (used for workflow triggering)