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SMS Scams - how to spot them and protect yourself

This is a time when we should be working to support each other in unity. It is unfortunate to see many scammers and hackers trying to capitalise on people’s panic in the face of this serious public health situation. The UN’s World Health Organisation has already issued warnings alerting people to an increase in cyber-criminals disguising themselves as the WHO. They use emails, websites, phone calls, text messages and even faxes.

Here are 3 COVID-19 (Coronavirus) SMS scams to look out for:

1. Text messages claiming to come from known charities seeking donations or advertising giveaways

2. Text scams that claim to come from a government authority about COVID-19

3. Any SMS messages capitalising on public fears and misinformation

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How to protect yourself from an SMS Scam

With the rising number of SMS scams growing across the world, it’s important to us that you know how to protect yourself against them as they become more and more sophisticated. We’ve alerted you to the Top 3 SMS scams to look out for but it’s essential that you know what to do when you encounter them.

1. Verify the sender

2. Be careful clicking

3. Don't panic

4. Report it

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