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How to use the templates

If you want to use any of the provided templates with your own contact data files (i.e. not using the data file templates provided), you will need to follow these instructions to ensure the field references work correctly.

1. In the web portal, go to "Messaging" and then "New Message"

2. Import your data list

3. Copy the template content from the grey box in the template article

4. Paste the text into the "Message Content" field in the hub

5. You'll notice that the field references don't work right away. Highlight the first field reference, and then click on "File columns" in the menu bar, and select the header that applies to this reference in your data file

Highlight the field reference:

Click on "File Columns" and select the appropriate field:

6. The message will update to include the specific reference to your data file, and you will see the message preview on the right update with the contents of the first row of data in your data file:

7. Repeat this process for all other references in the message:

8. Scroll down to "Match Columns" and select the column in your data file that contains the contact numbers for your recipients:

9. Complete the steps to schedule/stagger your message if required

10. Send a test message if preferred

11. Send your message

This video explains message personalisation in more detail (watch from 0:20 for message personalisation)