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Preparation Checklist for Sending Communications

Before you need to send any important (and potentially urgent) messages, we recommend you make some time to adequately prepare your data, content and overall strategy so that you are ready to send when the time comes.

You can download a printable version of the checklist by clicking the image to the right --->

Following this checklist will help you to ensure you are ready to send effective messages and to comfortably manage responses:

  1. Prepare your data
  2. Organise your contacts
  3. Consider your audience
  4. Optimise your account features
  5. Prepare your team/users
  6. Consider your message content
  7. Think about the end-to-end journey and set-up automations if required
  8. Check your credit balance and top-up/switch to a plan if needs be
  9. Send to a test group
  10. Send your message
  11. Track engagement

1. Prepare your contact data

2. Organise your contacts effectively

3. Consider your audience, regional compliance obligations and languages

4. Make sure you have the right features available on your account

5. Get your team ready

6. Think about your message content

7. Automations

8. Check your credit balance & credit limit

9. Send a test message

10. Send your message

11. Tracking

If you need any help with sending emergency broadcasts, you can contact us and our team of messaging experts will be happy to give you a hand preparing your broadcast.