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Getting started with Zendesk & MessageMedia

To send and receive SMS with Zendesk, easily integrate MessageMedia by following these simple steps.

  1. Login to your Zendesk account.
  2. Navigate to Admin > Settings > Extensions.
  3. Under the tab for Targets > click Add Target.
  4. Once you have added a target, select HTTP target
  5. Fill in the fields below:
Not sure to find your credentials? Login to MessageMedia and create a new key.

Check your response

To check if all the details are correct, click on Test Target > Submit. This will allow you to enter a test message body, where you can enter the following: 

"messages": [
"content": "Message From Zendesk",
"destination_number": "+61466412529",
"delivery_report": true,
"format": "SMS",
"metadata": {"sender": "zendesk"},
"source_number": "zendesk",
"source_number_type": "ALPHANUMERIC"

You should get a success response if the details are correct (i.e. MessageMedia API Key and API Secret). Once you have successfully tested everything, create the target.

Using Triggers

  1. To configure Zendesk to send SMS notifications using a trigger, navigate to Business Rules > Triggers.
  2. Populate the Conditions fields that you want to be true for the Trigger and set up the Action to be performed. 

E.g. When priority is greater than high, select the action will be 'Notifications: Notify target' and in the subsequent drop-down box select the previously created Target. 

Fill the JSON body with the same JSON you used to test above, and change the content and number as desired. You can also use the placeholders to add in any of the attributes. 

If you have used the {{}} placeholder in your target, you must ensure that the phone number field is populated in the Zendesk user profile using the international format, ie. +1, +61. 

You can now send an SMS from Zendesk using the MessageMedia SMS API. Configure the message to send SMS about time sensitive and high priority items.