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Send a text message with PHP in under 2 minutes


Step 1: Set up a project

Create a folder for your project:

mkdir sender
cd sender

Now create a composer configuration file and open it:

touch composer.json
open composer.json

Step 2: Install the SDK

Run the following command:

composer require messagemedia/messages-sdk

You will see the dependency appear in the composer configuration file you made earlier.

Step 3: Add the code

Run the command:

touch sendMessage.php
open sendMessage.php

Paste the following code into open file:

$body->messages = array(); $body->messages[0] = new Models\Message; $body->messages[0]->content = 'My first message'; $body->messages[0]->destinationNumber = '+61466412529'; try { $result = $messagesController->sendMessages($body); print_r($result); } catch (Exceptions\SendMessages400Response $e) { echo 'Caught SendMessages400Response: ', $e->getMessage(), "\n"; } catch (MessageMediaMessagesLib\APIException $e) { echo 'Caught APIException: ', $e->getMessage(), "\n"; } ?> Replace the API key and Secret with your key and the phone number with your phone number.

Step 4: Send

Run the command:

php sendMessage.php

You should see the following print out in the screen:


You’ve now sent a simple message with PHP. Check out the API documentation and the Github repository to see what else you can do.