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MessageMedia Shopify App FAQ

For a guide on how to use the MessageMedia Shopify app, read this article


What are forms?
Forms are one way for your customers to ensure they are on top of all the latest news and offers your shop has in store. Create a form and choose a page on which you would like the form to appear. Your customers will provide their numbers and allow you to message them with exciting promotions and news, or to remind them of their abandoned cart!

When will my form appear?
Your form will appear once per customer. If your customer sees the form and either exits or subscribes, they will not see the form again – even if they return to the same page. You can set your form to appear immediately, or after a matter of seconds. We recommend that you set your delay to 2 or 3 seconds by going to “Forms” on the sidebar, clicking “Settings”, selecting “Set a delay” under “DELAY” and adjusting your form appearance delay. 

Why doesn’t my form preview show in my store theme?
The default form setting is for your form to appear in the style of your store theme. However, at the moment this doesn’t display in the preview on the side. 

Abandoned Carts
How do delays work with abandoned carts?
A delay is the amount of time after someone abandons their cart before they receive your SMS notification reminding them to come back and collect their items. Standard delays to set are 2 hours, 7 hours, and 24 hours. 

What happens to my automation when I run out of credits?
A scheduled campaign or an abandoned cart automation will only send if you have sufficient credits allocated to your account. You can top up your credits by clicking “Add Credit” on the top of your sidebar and then selecting your top-up amount. 

What are the costs?
MessageMedia Shopify App Rates

For support, please see the below contact methods:
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