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The features below are included in the January product update, deployed on Thursday, January 16th, 2020. Click on each header for more information.

Addition of "Closed" Message partition in the Inbox

We've added a new partition to the inbox for "Closed" messages (similar to "archiving"). You can now mark a conversation as "closed," moving it from your live inbox into the "closed" bucket, helping you to keep your inbox clean and current and allowing you to more easily manage your conversations. Closed messages can be re-opened if necessary, and customers can still respond to messages that are marked as closed.

Changes to the Messaging Navigation

Under the "Messaging" menu header, we've expanded out the options to include "sent" and "received" messages, giving you a list-view of all inbound and outbound messages with a "Quick reply" option next to each inbound message. This is designed to give users greater visibility of inbound messages, assisting those who wish to action all their inbound messages from a flat list.

Mobile Landing Pages Functionality and Navigation

We've added some new functionality to the Mobile Landing Pages feature to help you to better create, track and manage your campaigns:

Usability Improvements

Improved Contact Import - Based on customer feedback, we have simplified the process to import contacts from an external source and hidden some of the more complex/confusing options (includes an alert message when selecting to import contacts as "Unsubscribed")

New "Estimated Contacts Imported" callout - appearing on the "Match Columns" page when importing bulk contacts, the web portal will now tell you how many contacts are being imported in each run, along with the subscription status 

Removing a contact from a group -  a new option ("Remove from Group") will appear in the options list for each contact when viewing a contact group (note - this will not delete the contact from the "all contacts" list)

Bulk remove contacts from a groupIt's now possible to select multiple contacts in a group and select to remove them from the group (note - this will not delete the contacts from the "all contacts" list)