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Account owners on a post-paid plan can create sub-accounts, which are basically subsidiaries of the parent account. Each sub-account can have its own Admin and User set, without having visibility of other sub-account activity, while any administrator of the parent account will have visibility of all sub-account activity.

An example of this might be a sales business with a structure divided into regions, with each region having a manager and a number of team members reporting to them. In this example, each region would be a sub-account (with the regional manager as the admin), and their team members would be users on that sub-account. The business owner would be the admin on the parent account:

To create a new Sub-account:

1. Go to Accounts

2. Click on Sub-Account

3. Click on New Sub Account

4. Give your new Sub-Account a name

5. Click Create

Your new sub-account will now appear in the sub-account list. To edit or deactivate this sub-account, click on the three dots on the right-hand side and select the required action from the menu

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