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Sending unique Barcodes to a list of recipients with Mobile Landing Pages

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The easiest way to do this is by creating new contact groups for each broadcast where unique barcodes are required. 

1. Create your contact database in CSV UTF-8 or .xls format

2. Go to Contacts, then Contact Groups, and click New Group to create a contact group specifically for sending your Landing Page:

3. Click on "Contacts" followed by "Contact Groups" and then "Import Contacts"

4. Upload your data file and match the data in your file to the relevant fields, using the Barcode column for "#customField1#", and adding your new contact group in the Contact Group field at the bottom:

5. Review the details and click "Import"

6. Go to the Mobile Landing Pages section and choose your template (Chambly or Fermont are the templates with Barcodes)

7. Compile your landing page as normal - and in the Barcode field, click on the "Personalisation" drop-down and select "Custom Field 1" from the list - this is going to pick up that field from each contact to whom the landing page will be sent, which in this case will be the barcode number from your CSV

8. Complete your Mobile Landing Page and click "Save & Add to Message"

9. In the "recipients" field, select your new contact group:

10. Complete your message and click "Send Now"

Each recipient will now receive the landing page featuring their own unique barcode.

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