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Mobile Landing Pages FAQ

Landing Page is not displaying correctly (Chambly, Grandby)

If your background image is incorrectly proportioned (e.g. a landscape image instead of portrait), then for templates which utilise a full-screen background image it is possible that the image will be scaled down in such a way that it only displays on the top half of the screen:

This will also cause the text box to appear blank, as the default text colour for these templates is white.

To prevent this from happening, crop your image to a portrait aspect ratio (the ideal size is 750 x 1624 pixels; an aspect ratio of approximately 6:13)

For more info on preparing images for your mobile landing pages, read this article

Images not appearing when using the CSV template option (not the in-app editor)

If you are hosting your images in an online location and providing the URLs via a CSV template, then you need to make sure that the URLs provided are a "Direct link" to the images. The way to do this will vary depending on the hosting platform, but here are some links to helpful articles for some of the more commonly used services:



Google Drive


Personalisation fields not being picked up in the Landing Page when I upload a CSV of recipients

Personalisation will only work on a landing page when you are sending to saved contacts or contact groups. 

If you are trying to personalise a landing page using multiple fields for a large list of recipients (e.g. first name, location, customer type etc.) then you can save this information in the "Custom Fields" in the customer profiles, and then add these fields to the landing page content. This is the same method used for sending unique barcodes to a list of recipients. 

Read this article for more information