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Purchasing a dedicated number

Dedicated numbers are an ideal way to create familiarity and loyalty among your recipients. Using a dedicated number means that all of your messages will come from the same number, which your recipients can save so they know who's messaging them. They can also start a conversation by sending an SMS to your dedicated number.

Log into the Hub with an Administrator-level username.

If you wish to provision a new dedicated number for a specific sub-account, switch to that sub-account by selecting it from the drop-down menu in the upper left:

1. Go to Account and select Sender IDs

2. Click on the Dedicated Number tab

The Numbers page will display an overview of the numbers already associated with your account. 

It will list:

3. Click on Get a Dedicated Number

A modal will appear displaying a list of available numbers. If you would like a number containing a particular pattern, you can enter that pattern into the search bar:

Once you've found a number you like, select Activate Number

This will automatically allocate the number to your account ready for sending. You can either select your dedicated number in the sender ID field when creating a new message, or you can set it as your default sender ID.