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Purchasing a dedicated number

Dedicated numbers are an ideal way to create familiarity and loyalty among your recipients. Using a dedicated number means that all of your messages will come from the same number, which your recipients can save so they know who's messaging them. They can also start a conversation by sending an SMS to your dedicated number.

Log into the Hub with an Administrator-level username.

If you wish to provision a new dedicated number for a specific sub-account, switch to that sub-account by selecting it from the drop-down menu in the upper left:

1. Go to Account and select Sender IDs

2. Click on the Dedicated Number tab

3. Click on Get a Dedicated Number

The Numbers page will display an overview of the numbers already associated with your account. 

It will list:

You can have as many dedicated numbers as you like, to purchase a new dedicated number, select the 'Buy Number' button:

A modal will appear displaying a list of available numbers. If you would like a number containing a particular pattern, you can enter that pattern into the search bar:

Once you've found a number you like, select Activate Number

This will automatically allocate the number to your account ready for sending.