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Subscription Information and Payment Methods

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MessageMedia has a much-improved billing interface providing account administrators the ability to self-manage their billing data.

To access your billing information, go to Account > Billing:

The billing page displays the following information:

  1. Subscription Details
    • Billing Type - prepaid or postpaid
    • Company Name
    • Billing Account Number - this can be used as a reference if contacting our Accounts team
    • Automatic Payment - on or off
  2. Billing Information
    • Name of Billing Contact
    • Email of Billing Contact
    • Company Address
  3. Payment Methods
    • Details of the credit card or bank details on file

It's important that you ensure your billing details are kept up to date so MessageMedia knows who to contact if there are any account-related issues.

Editing your information

To edit your billing details, click on "Edit" in the Billing Information section:

You will then be able to edit your details:

NOTE: The email address in the Billing Information section is the email that MessageMedia will use to send invoices and correspondence relating to billing. It is not used for report exports from the web portal. That information sits within your account profile, which can be accessed via the dropdown in the top right of the screen:

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