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In this article:

  • Overview of the various lookup options, which help you to filter out invalid numbers from your distribution lists
  • Instructions on how to set up the lookup function in the web portal
  • Instructions on how to use the lookup function

Lookups can help you maintain a clean, compliant mobile database, with the added bonus of helping you save money by cleaning up invalid and inactive numbers. Get information about any phone number from any country in seconds to help understand the reachability of your audience and the potential effectiveness of your campaign.

Why use Lookups?

Becoming more acquainted with your customer contact database provides a range of benefits. In addition to simply avoiding messaging costs to invalid numbers, lookups help locate numbers that are no longer associated with a subscription, indicating the previous recipient is no longer using the number.

Where urgent communication is required, outbound messages can be delayed due to the recipient’s device being out of range or powered off. Find out whether the device is active or temporarily absent from the network to better inform your business process.

Whether it’s cleansing numbers as you’re accepting them into your database, or running a periodic check to remain spam-compliant, MessageMedia makes it easy to get closer to your customer data.

Types of Lookup

  • HLR Availability - identify valid, active numbers
  • Number Type Lookup - filter out landlines and VoIP numbers
  • Carrier Lookup - identify the carrier associated with a number

How it works

  1. You supply the phone numbers you’d like to check, either via our API or web portal.
  2. We perform a lookup against the carrier.
  3. We return the real-time data to you for each phone number.

How to access the service

  1. Either contact Support or, within the web interface, go to our Extensions page:
  2. Select one of the Lookup options and click Request Lookups
  3. A member of our customer experience team will be in contact to assist with the setup

How to perform a lookup

Once you have the Lookups feature activated on your account, click on Extensions and then select the Lookup you wish to perform:

You will then be asked to upload your data list as a CSV. Either drag & drop your contact list into the upload box, or search for it by clicking "Browse." Once you have uploaded your list, click "Run Lookup":

The Lookup will then start running, and the results will be sent to your email:

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