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Sending Messages

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There are a few different methods that can be used to send messages in the Web Portal depending on your needs. Let's take a look...

(There are some important things to remember at the bottom of this article)

Quick Message

Just like sending a message from your own handset, Quick Message is an easy way to send ad hoc messages fast!

You will find a Quick Message link in the header bar of every page so it's always one click away.

It contains two simple fields:

  1. To - type a mobile number, contact name or group name – or combination
  2. Compose - type your message. The character count and credits are calculated as you type

Once you’re finished, simply hit Send now and your message will be processed! Simple!

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"New Message" with preview

In the left-hand menu, click "Messaging" and then "New Message":

Next, select your sender ID, and then enter the recipient number(s), contact name(s) or group name(s) in the recipient field. You can also search through your contact list and contact groups to add recipients in bulk:

When selecting your sender ID, you can use either a random number from a shared pool, a dedicated number, an alpha tag, or your own mobile number.

If opting to use your own number, you will be required to validate your phone number by means of an authentication code that will be sent to you once you have entered your number in the prompt:

Once you receive the code, enter it into the Verification code field and click Verify.

Next, compose your message in the "Message Content" field. You will see that as you type, the message preview on the right will update in real-time. Similar to the Quick Message function, you quickly can add an opt-out message using the "Add Unsubscribe" feature:

When you are happy with your message, click "Send"

Helpful Tips:

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Using Personalised fields

When sending to saved contacts, you can personalise your messages by using any of the personalised fields from the contact profile that have been populated with information. When writing your message, simply click on the Personalisation tab to reveal the list of fields and then select the desired field to drop into your message. The preview on the right will update with the data from your first contact in your selected list, and you can scroll through the first five contacts (using the arrows beneath the preview) to ensure the data is populated correctly:

Sending to a List of Numbers

To send the same message content to a large list of numbers, go to Messaging > New Message:

There are a few different ways you can add multiple numbers:

1. Paste Numbers

If you have a list of numbers in a spreadsheet, you can copy them directly from the spreadsheet and paste them into the “To” field:

2. Add Contacts / Groups

3. Import from file

The system will try to automatically detect the mobile number column from your imported data:

As previously, write your message in the message content field. You will notice that the personalised fields are now mirroring the column headers in your imported data file:

Draft Messages

It is possible to create a draft of a message that can be saved and reviewed before sending. The "Save as draft" button will appear as an action on the "New Message" screen. To view all draft messages, click on "Drafts" in the Messaging menu:

In the Draft Messages list, you will have the ability to edit or delete draft messages by clicking on the three dots to the right of each message:

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Forwarding Sent Messages

You can forward sent messages without having to copy the content and paste it into a new message.

This is done by going to Messages, then Sent, then clicking the three dots alongside the message you wish to forward to a new recipient and clicking "Forward":

This will then open a new message screen with the content field pre-populated with the message being forwarded.

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Important things to remember

If your messages are not sending correctly, check these important things to see if there are any errors with your broadcast:

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