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Sending a message via Email to SMS

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Email to SMS allows you to send and receive SMS messages direct from/to your email. You can send to either individual numbers & contacts, or contact groups.

To send a message via Email to SMS you must have either:

For instructions on how to register an email address or domain, read this article.

Steps to send an Email to SMS message to an individual number:

Sending to a contact group

When creating a new contact group, you have the option to assign an email to SMS alias:

In this example, you can send an SMS to this contact group by addressing your message to ""

You can see the Email to SMS address for each contact group in the contact groups list (under Contacts > Contact groups) under the Group Email header:

If the "Group Email" field is blank, simply click on the three dots to the right of the group listing, select Edit, and add an alias.

Things to remember:

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