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Email to SMS Settings

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Email 2 SMS allows SMS messages to be sent via a mail client, provided the sending email address or domain is registered. To send an SMS message via email, simply send an email to the recipient mobile number or contact group alias followed by the '' domain

The Email to SMS settings can be found under Configuration in the main menu:


You can edit the settings for Email to SMS by clicking on Edit in the top right of the settings section:

1. Message Limit - the number of message parts to be processed and sent to the recipient as a long message

2. SMS end tags - an end tag allows the user to specify text after which the message will be truncated. Neither the tag nor the following text will be sent within the message. This feature is useful if you have an email signature or disclaimer which you don't want to send in your messages

3. Email subject line - option to include or exclude the subject line in the SMS content. Some users like to include the subject or even type the entire message within the subject while other users may like to exclude the subject line from the SMS

4. Email subject threading - Option to retain the original email subject and add it to every subsequent message in the conversation

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