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Email to SMS Registration

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As an account administrator, you can register domains and/or email addresses at an account level to authenticate email sending

Domain - a domain can be registered against a sub-account, meaning that any email sent from that domain will be authenticated on the messaging gateway and processed on behalf of the sub-account

Email Address - one or more individual email addresses can be registered to send messages on behalf of the sub-account. This is a better option if the requirement is only for a limited number of email addresses

To register an email address or domain complete the following steps:

Insert one or more email addresses clicking enter after each one to validate:

If you want to add multiple emails within the same domain (e.g. "" as per above) then you may prefer to just add the domain instead of individual email addresses. This means that anyone whose email is part of this domain will be able to send SMS via email. 

Domains must be entered one at a time in the domain text area:

Once complete, the registered email address(es) or any email alias with the registered domain can send to [mobilenumber] The content of the email will be processed by MessageMedia's SMS gateway and sent as an SMS to the mobile number.

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